Academy of Philosophy & Professional Ethics (APPE)


APPE: APPE is the acronym of Academy of Philosophy and Professional Ethics. It is registered as a Trust consisting of six trustees with Prof. Aditya Kumar Mohanty, as Director, assisted by an Advisory Committee consisting of six members. The avowed aims and objectives of APPE are as follows:

  •  To promote the cause of Philosophy and Professional Ethics.
  •  To initiate and promote research in core areas of Philosophy namely; Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics.
  • To initiate and promote inter-disciplinary research in Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of History,  Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Art etc.
  • To organize state level, National and International seminars in Philosophy on seminal issues in philosophy and  professional ethics.
  • To undertake dissemination of philosophical knowledge and sensitise scholars and people from cross sections of intelligentsia about relevance of philosophy and the academic and social compulsions for knowledge of philosophy while addressing issues in personal, professional and social domains.
  • To publish national/international journals for dissemination of Philosophical ideas and views of scholars, researchers and philosophers about issues confronting the society.
  • To organize debates and discussions among scholars, intelligentsia and public to reflect upon issues of contemporary relevance and future significance.
  • To help people from cross sections of society foster rationality and embellish rational acumen in order to keep themselves immune to dogmas, superstitions, fond-beliefs which stand on the way of perception of truth.
  • To help rationally awakened people sublimate their rational faculty into Intuitive faculty so as to become fit instruments for leading others on the path of righteousness (dharma).
  • To organize extension lectures in public forums to help people have rational and objective perception of issues confronting individual and collective body.
  • To create think-tanks regionally, nationally and globally in order to lend theoretical clarity to principles, policies and programmes of the Government, Public Sector Undertakings and Local Bodies.
  • To make all out effort for dissemination of values among professionals, technocrats, businessmen, political leaders and social activists through work-modules, seminars, print and electronic media.
  • To give academic orientation (training) to students in under-graduate, post-graduate studies and aspirants for Orissa Administrative Services and Indian Administrative Services.
  • To encourage and publish creative writings in philosophy in form of popular books and text books for the benefit of students, scholars and people, at large.
  • To conduct classes for helping students and scholars to improve their writing and speaking English.
  • To float stipends/fellowships/scholarships to help students/ scholars pursue study and research in Philosophy.
  • To conduct Certificate/diploma Courses in Philosophy and Professional Ethics.
  • To print, publish, purchase, sell, circulate, distribute or exhibit either free or for a price, books, periodicals, journals, booklets, bulletins, calendars, message-cards, other literature, films, documentaries, records, paintings and photographs which will assist or promote the objects of the Trust.
  • To undertake philosophical studies, research and action programs in areas directly and indirectly linked to development of disadvantaged communities.
  • To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, study tours, conferences, or radio-talks for the advancement of the objects of the Trust.